A Mother’s Tea for Vocations

As you know, a lot of “behind the scenes’ work goes into anything that is planned well.

Here is a potential agenda along with the needs for the evening if the agenda is followed:

Mass at 6:30 PM

For Mass:

Musicians with Hymns in honor of Mary

Opening Song

Bringing forward the gifts (offertory)

Communion Hymn


Also, Mass Parts will be sung:

Alleluia (outside of Lent)

Holy Holy Holy

Memorial Acclamation

Great Amen

Lamb of God

The following ministers:

Hospitality (welcoming the women as they come into church)

Lector to read the first reading; you decide if psalm will be read or sung. If sung, talk to the musicians. If read, first reader.

You decide if there will be a deacon; if so, he reads the petitions;

If not, the lector will read the petitions.

Petitions: If you want to have them written, you may find someone or you may write them.

Gift Bearers (2)

Communion Ministers: remember if there is a deacon or another priest they distribute communion.

Once Mass is over watch Fishers of Men or another Priesthood DVD.

For the DVD you will need the following:

Where do you want to show this DVD?

In Church

In Hall with the Tea

A third location

Wherever it is to be set up, you will need a DVD player and screen to show it on.

Make sure it has good sound and a big picture screen.

Once Fishers of Men is over, we will go to the tea area or begin the tea (if it is shown in the tea area)

For the tea to be set before the Mass:

Tables set up — how many tables?

Round or rectangle?

Table cloths on table

Center Pieces on table

Place settings include

A scroll

A prayer card

A pen and vocation office business card

A napkin



Colored index cards*

A decorated table with all of the food items

Decorations of centerpiece will be provided

Food needs to be provided by volunteers from parish.

plate per person

A table with the tea servers

Ladies can receive their own food items

There will need to be ladies to serve the tea.

Tea cups at table

Ladies who serve the teas are seated at the tea serving table

The tea server ladies ask the lady if she wants coffee or tea

Ask if they want sugar or cream



Sugar cubes not packets


As ladies come into the tea, have them put their name on a piece of paper for drawings:



Decorative glass bowl

Once ladies have been seated with their food and they have been served their tea, a priest and hopefully the mother of a priest or seminarian will speak.

For the talk you will need the following:

A podium

Microphone/speaker system

A nice arrangement of the 3 flower arrangements around podium.

* During the time the women are being served their tea, they can be thinking of questions they might want asked but don’t want to ask out loud. So we will need index cards at the tables so the women can use their pens and the index cards to write the questions down. When it is time for answer to the questions, someone will need to collect the index cards.

Question and Answer Session with priest &/or parent.

Someone will need to emcee this. Call on person who wants to ask question, and remember to ask some of the questions that were written down (if any are)

End of Question and Answer:

Draw names from the the glass bowl with the names inside

Speaker gives out the 3 flower arrangements

Speaker gives out the rosaries.


Please do not begin clean up while the presenter is talking nor during the question/answer session.