Edge Program: 1 hour.

Holy Orders


With what/how do we present ourselves? For each thing in which we are involved and for every talent, strength, interest, hobby, weakness, shortcoming, I present myself. For every one of these that they can name to themselves, they get an item (marble, pebble, rock, sponge, whatever you have a lot of that you can give several to each youth.) Place them all at a bucket or big container that is at the foot of the cross. We are called to model ourselves as Christ on the cross. So, we “present” ourselves to Christ on the cross and so imitate him.

“The community calls you forward.”

What does the community call you to do?

What is expected of you?

What do your parents expect of you?

Your peers/friends

Your teachers/coaches


Your church

For each of these that each youth can think of, add something to him/herself (whatever you have: t-shirts, shoes, rocks in pockets, hats, gloves, scarves) etc.

Lots of stuff; good thing God is helping you out (remove them and say that the stress of all of these events is removed when we place it in God’s hands; when we place it at the foot of the cross. Yes, we have all these expectations, but we can have the expectations without weighing us down or making our lives clumsy.


Using art supplies, have the students make a few different masks for themselves. Easiest way to make masks is using paper plates. Help them by telling them they can be scary, funny, horror, a famous person, or another person in the room…

Let them wear their own; then have them switch them with others. Wear the others then say:

God wants us to remove our masks and be ourselves. He is the one that truly sees us without a mask on. Should we act like we act when we are with friends, with our parents, with grand-ma, with our teachers in the classroom. All of them, but God sees us as we are supposed to be seen. He doesn’t want us wearing our own masks nor the masks of others; he wants us to be who He wants us to be; who he knows us to be.

“Litany of Saints”

Who are the important people in your life?

Kimie, do you have a Litany of Saints in your music collection? Probably most of them have ever prayed in the prostrate position; here we can show them how to do that and why it is done as they listen to the litany of saints. Maybe Mary Jo or Lisa would have a copy.

“Investiture of Stole and Chasuble”

Sticky note pads or several name tags: lots of pens and markers…

With music in the background we will have a “Compliment writing party” You write down cool things you see in the person and the gifts in the person you believe God wants them to use and you stick the compliment on the person. Try to put several on each person. Let the kids peal them off and look at them and then ask them to act as they were newly dressed with these sticky notes. Act on your gifts and talents.

“Anointing of hands”

Youth put their hand in wet plaster and they get plaster hands. OR have them trace their hands on paper and then cut it out; write down holy things they are supposed to do with their hands (hugs, handshakes, holding doors, holding a baby, etc.) Have them keep those hands; they are sacred as Christ called them to be; so you live their holiness out with their hands. They are Christ’s hands and feet.