Do you have to stay with the same vocation forever? How long will you be a Priest?

I am convinced that the fact there is a shortage of priests and sisters is a symptom of a larger problem. In other words,” the problem” is not a shortage of priests and religious sisters. The shortage is the result of something else. (For example, let’s say someone has a sore throat. And they can’t talk or hardly swallow because their throat hurts so bad. Something is causing the person’s throat to be sore. That it is sore is the symptom. What is the problem that the throat is sore? If we fix that, then the symptom of the throat being sore will go away.) The problem is that too many people do not want to commit to anything. It starts very young. Someone invites another to a game on Friday night. Instead of the one being invited saying “yes” right away, they are going to wait to see if a better invitation or a more popular person asks them to do something. If they commit too early to the game, they may miss out on something better. This attitude of “waiting because something better might come along if I say yes too soon” goes on for all of life. The question here is an example of this problem in our society today. Yes, since Christ wants you to be in relationship with him, which is going to cause our greatest amount of peace, joy and happiness, we should want that relationship with him. That relationship has a specific calling, vocation. The relationship with Jesus Christ will be forever and will constantly be deepening until it reaches its fulfillment in heaven. What is awesome about being a priest is that there is an “indelible mark” on our soul at our ordination, so our soul is somehow marked as a priest. Priests will be priests even in Heaven, for all eternity. While one can stop functioning as a priest, he will always be a priest.

Does a Priest ever regret or have second thoughts about becoming a Priest?

Apparently some do because some make the very painful decision to leave. That is so sad and hard on so many people. That is never God’s plan for that person nor for those who have to suffer that tremendous loss. Some need to take an extended time off to go get their energy and focus back. I am sure for some of them, before they take that break they were having second thoughts or regrets. God never promised us this would be easy; He promised us He would walk the journey with us. If you are feeling called, we need you! And these questions that come into your mind, may be from Satan trying to keep you from entering. God is not going to show us the future; He is going to walk the present moment with us, leading us into the future where He already is. (The great part of believing in an all-present God!)

Can a divorced man with children become a priest?

If the children are raised and are financially independent of the father, if the man does not pay money to his former wife, if the annulment to show the marriage was never blessed by God (going through this process does nothing to affect the children. Children are still legitimate) and other conditions are met, he may begin the process to enter the seminary to discern if he is called to the priesthood. It has been done.